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Alongside our development and competition teams, we also run additional classes to help with the progression of skills and consistency across all our athletes.


Some of our coaches offer 1-1 sessions with athletes to help develop their skills with the coaches' full attention.

Tumble Privates

A 45-minute session that is tailored to your athlete's current skill set, and will help

with their push for further skills, that need a little more time and attention.

Flyer Privates

Perfect for flyers to perfect techniques and improve their flexibility whilst understanding

the body control needed to maintain a strong position in the air.


Alongside our weekly training teams, we also offer additional tumble classes that

are split into levels.

Special Forces - Bronze

A weekly foundational class, focussing on the entry level tumbles all the way up to

level 1 front and back walkovers.

Special Forces - Silver

A weekly tumble class aimed at learning and perfecting all Level 2 skills.

Special Forces - Gold

A weekly advanced class for all level 3+ tumbles. This class is for athletes who

are working to push their ability to a higher level.


Our Open Gyms are perfect for everyone and are open to both members and

non-members of East Elite!

Typically, these are 2 hour sessions that we run on an ad-hoc basis so you will need

to keep an eye on social media for dates.

Athletes are welcomed into HQ to utilise all facilities and equipment to work on

whatever skills they wish.

Whether that be stunting with friends, trying new tumbles or perfecting current

skills - our open gyms are perfect for everyone!

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